Backpanels und Probe Cards

Why they are important for the functionality of electronic devices

Backpanels und Probe Cards

Have you ever wondered how electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets or computers are able to perform all the different functions we expect from them?

An important component that helps these devices function smoothly and effectively is the backpanel.
The backpanel is the part of an electronic device that is attached to the back of the enclosure and provides various connections and connectivity options. It contains outputs for audio, video, network and power connections, as well as other connections that are specific to the particular device. Backplanes are indispensable for electronics systems that require the highest performance. Measuring up to 520 x 480 mm and with an impressive number of up to 120 layers, backplanes are specifically designed to connect a large number of components while maintaining high signal integrity. Probe Cards, on the other hand, are a sub-type of backplanes specifically designed for testing semiconductor devices.

The backpanel and probe cards ensure that electronic devices function smoothly and that their components communicate correctly with each other. Without these components, our devices would not be able to perform all the different functions we rely on.

At RPtec GmbH, we pride ourselves on providing customised backplane solutions that are specifically tailored to our customers' requirements. We know that every electronic system is unique, and that's why we work closely with our customers to ensure we provide them with the best solution.