Copper Coin Method

Cool circuit boards? - The Copper Coin Method

Copper Coin Method

In the ever-evolving world of electronics, efficient thermal management is the key. Therefore, it is important to keep learning about new innovative techniques.
Have you heard of the "Copper Coins Method"? It is a game changer in the PCB industry and we would like to explain why:

Until now, we relied on heat sinks, thermal pads and thermal bridges to protect our electronic components from overheating. But these solutions can take up valuable space and may not always provide the best cooling performance.

This is where the Copper Coins method comes in! This innovative technique consists of embedding solid pieces of copper directly into the PCB. Copper Coins absorb the heat from the components, conduct it through the PCB and finally release it into the environment. In this way, up to 10 times more effective cooling can be achieved compared to conventional through-platings of the same size.

Why does it work so well? The thermal conductivity of copper is 30 to 200 times better than that of conductive dielectric prepregs.
There are many possible applications, from power electronics to automotive, aerospace and telecommunications.

Efficient thermal management is key to successful electronics projects, and the Copper Coins method has the potential to deliver just that.