Special materials

special printed circuit boards - your innovation, our special material

Modern electronics are inextricably linked to printed circuit boards. However, every project is unique, so choosing the right material plays a crucial role.

Specialty materials offer a wide range of properties and are essential for applications in industries such as aerospace, telecommunications and medical technology. From extreme temperatures to high-frequency applications, they deliver the performance you can rely on.

The range of special materials is extremely diverse. One example of this is ceramic, which is ideal for use under extremely high temperatures and high loads. Another indispensable special material is Teflon or PTFE, which has been specially developed for high-frequency applications with minimal signal loss. There is also the special material polyimide, which is widely used in PCB technology. It enables the production of both rigid and flexible PCBs and offers a wide range of applications. These materials are just a selection from the wide range of special materials available. It is also worth mentioning that reputable manufacturers such as Rogers, Nelco, Panasonic and Isola - to name but a few - produce and offer these materials.

Innovation starts with the right choice of materials. If you want to shape the future and drive innovation, choosing the right materials is a crucial step. We are happy to support you in choosing the optimal materials for your project.