mSAP - rethinking circuit development! Find out more at the Technology Days

Perhaps you have already heard of mSAP technology. If not, it's high time you did! The use of the modified semi-additive process (mSAP) promises a number of advantages that can improve the circuit development process.

Not only can space savings be realised with mSAP, but signal transmission on the PCB also benefits from short signal paths, which leads to higher signal integrity. In addition, mSAP enables improved packing density, which offers unrivalled design flexibility for the development of complex circuits and innovative products.

By precisely controlling the line widths and spacing, mSAP also offers better electrical properties, such as more precise impedance. In addition, the precise control of the mSAP process leads to improved reliability and durability of the PCBs.

Sounds exciting, doesn't it? But the best is yet to come: you will soon have the opportunity to find out more about mSAP and SAP! Visit our presentation on 26 June 2024 at the PCB and Assembly Technology Days in Würzburg, where we will be talking in detail about this innovative technology. Join us, ask us your questions and shape the future of PCBs together with us!